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Situated on an idyllic location between the fields, next to the Campus of Wageningen University you find the care farm De Hoge Born. We offer a nice and peaceful place for people looking for day care, activating work or work therapy. Working on the land is healthy and tangible because people are so close to nature.

At De Hoge Born people find a peaceful place where rest and activities are balanced under the supervision of trained professionals: A place to recover and to discover talents and ambitions.
The commercial and practical character of the organisation makes it a place where people can achieve concrete and visible results, stimulating their personal development.

The farm of De Hoge Born produces a variety of organic vegetables and fruits and has over 250 free range chicken for daily-fresh eggs. These chicken are fed only organic feeds and are given no antibiotics.
All products from the Farm are labelled with the ecological certification of SKAL
In our Farm shop you will find a large variety of organic products, freshly harvested from the fields.

We have different rooms that can be used for meetings and group sessions (5-100 persons), with optional catering, as well as guided tours around the farm and the shop.
Come and feel the atmosphere and let the charming farm life surprise you!
We are looking forward to welcome you!


Internships at De Hoge Born

Looking for a place to do your internship?

De Hoge Born has a farm with 2.5 acres of fields, a glasshouse for fruits and vegetables, a bicycle workshop, wood workshop, a farm shop and chicken farm. As the farm works year round, there is always a lot of work to do. From vocational students in Agricultural and Healthcare studies, to university students conducting a research, there are plenty possibilities where we can offer students a place to do their internship or a graduation assignment.
De Hoge Born is a SBB certified work placement company, where over the past years, more than 50 students did their internships.
Feel free to contact us for information and availability of internships at

About De Hoge Born

In 2015, Hans Janssen, John Vork and Eric de Zeeuw started the foundation of De Hoge Born.
The foundation focusses on practical guidance and support for people with a distance to the labour market, by offering suitable day care with practical work and coaching from our trained staff.
The foundation has a care farm, fields with organic crops, a bicycle repair shop and a farm shop. With a large variety of possible activities, it makes this a unique place for everyone's talents.

Meetings and guided tours

De Hoge Born is the perfect inspiring and peaceful location for your next meeting. Our meeting room is suitable for groups up to 100, and available in evenings and weekends. We can offer catering service with local, organic products as well. Please contact us for prices and availability:

Day care and practice placement

Working at the Farm
Sometimes you can't decide what you want in study or work. You may have faced different setbacks because progress in work or study didn't turn out to be what you expected. At some moment, you may wonder what you really want, and what you are good at.
De Hoge Born can offer you a place to explore your ambitions, and discover and develop your talents. Together we work on your self-confidence and developing your qualities, so you have the confidence and renewed energy to take up a new challenge that is right for you.

Practice placement

Are you looking to get back to work, or start a study, but failed or being hold back because you are afraid of doing this on your own?
You are most welcome at the farm of De Hoge Born.
The farm has a lot of activities to offer, all year round. Together we can find activities that suit your skills and qualities.

Under the supervision of trained coaches, you can work in an area that fits with your skills, and you can cooperate with others in a team. Together we will look at your personal situation, and possibilities and make sure that we find matching work for you. By doing the things you like, you will get back in the working rhythm. By doing the meaningful work at the farm, you will increase your self-knowledge and confidence to take part in the labour market again. We can also contact our regional network in search of a suitable work-placement company for your situation.

Our fields of expertise / working areas


We are there to help people with a labour market dissociation, for people with psychiatric - or addictions problems, and people with mental limitations. For those, we offer assistance on our own special way.

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